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  • We have committed ourselves to enhance long lasting business relationships by providing the best ICT solutions to our clients over the MENA region.

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  • A new branch for Starware is launched in Alain/UAE on 24th April 2011. The main task of this branch is to increase the activities of Starware in the United Arab Emirates, specially in the field of "Oil Industry & Military Applications".

  • Starware is now a partner of Extreme Networks, which is well known as a pillar of the wireless technology in the world. This step is one of some major alliances intended by the entry phase from our new branch in the market of UAE & GCC.

  • Our flight trainer is now in Dubai to execute some tasks regarding the new activities in the UAE. He'll give some seminars & training courses for our team on site. A direct contact to all of our teams in Starware is one of our success policy.

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